Let's Start a Blog

27 Jul 2015

This is terrifying.

How on earth do I begin!?

Well, I can't say I'm completely new to all of this because this isn't my first ever blog. Anyone remember Piczo and the days of glittery GIFs? My space on the internet started back then and ever since I've kept blogs for school projects, whilst travelling during my gap year and in university, moved from Blogger to Wordpress then moved back to Blogger again and of course I still have my Tumblr. I don't seem to continue my blogs for very long though, I usually nitpick at everything until I just shut it down only to start another one at a later date.

This time, I've been back and forth for months with the idea of starting again... again. This idea stemmed from my Final Major Project, Cuppa. Cuppa was a niche magazine created by a tea drinker for the tea drinkers celebrating the beauty and serenity of tea; sharing the curiosity of fashion, photography and London. You can still read it here.

I absolutely loved creating Cuppa. If I was 2D, this would be me in print form and if I had a blog, it would be just like Cuppa. I loved creating whatever content I wanted, talking about beauty products I loved and organising shoots with outfits I'd wear.

After graduation, I started to continue Cuppa online but soon realised it just wasn't the same. I wanted a more personal touch to it and I wanted to write a blog as if it's a diary or a letter to a friend rather than an article in a magazine. So here I am!

Here is Signed By Si. A blog where I show you my attempts at baking and cooking, my photos from my travels as I explore more of the world, my #ootd every now and again and of course, all with a lovely cup of tea.

Let me know if you have a blog too!

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