Fleur de Force Meet & Greet at Topshop

3 Aug 2015

Just before Topshop Oxford Circus opened on Sunday morning, I joined 39 other subscribers to meet Youtuber and blogger Fleur de Force for breakfast, talks and to celebrate the Topshop Beauty Festival Collection!

Fleur de Force Youtube Topshop Beauty Meet Greet
I've been watching Fleur de Force on Youtube for a few years now; she was one of the few Youtubers I first subscribed to. She's lighthearted, honest and I love how she talks of all things beauty from high street to designer. The Sephora Hauls are my particular favourite and her sweet wedding video with Mike is definitely a highlight. 

So when Sophie (Thanks Soph!) told me about the Breakfast Meet and Greet with Fleur de Force and Topshop Beauty, I had to get on board! 

Fleur de Force Youtube Topshop Beauty Meet Greet
Although I was lucky enough to meet Fleur de Force at BeautyCon London earlier this year, and I didn't really know what to expect at this Breakfast Meet and Greet, I knew that it would be a much smaller meet up, a bit more relaxed plus a chance to actually have a conversation with Fleur. 

Fleur de Force Youtube Topshop Beauty Meet Greet
It was so lovely to meet other subscribers aswell as the oh so lovely Fleur herself! We were treated to a breakfast spread of fruit pots, granola with yoghurt, smoothies, a mini makeover with the Topshop Beauty Festival Collection complete with a goodie bag of treats, and of course, plenty of chatter (and selfies!) with Fleur. Talking all things beauty, YouTube and obviously, the Taylor Swift gig at British Summer Time Hyde Park (Check out Fleur's vlog of the gig here!) it was such a great chance to speak to Fleur casually, face to face.

Fleur de Force Youtube Topshop Beauty Meet Greet
I'm already a fan of Topshop Beauty but with just a few of us in an empty Topshop, I took the opportunity to have a good old nosey round, resulting in a very shimmery hand as I covered it in swatches. I love the lipsticks and I definitely need to get Glow into my make up bag!

Thanks for having me Fleur, it was so great to meet you! 

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