Where to Eat: Brioche Pop Up

7 Sep 2015

Thanks to Kristabel and Olivia's Instagram, I discovered The Brioche Pop Up.

Hidden in Covent Garden, this little cosy pop up with its rustic wooden tables, cute cushions and retro decor was a lovely spot for a late lunch/ early dinner.

Whilst we waited for Brioche to open at 5 (I know, eager beaver right?), we had a drink at All Bar One next door. Nothing like a fruity cocktail in a lively London pub on a Saturday to get you ready for a burger! 

There was a relaxed atmosphere when we got into Brioche, an inviting one where it felt like you're just round a mate's house for dinner. Tom got the lamb whilst I got the crispy buttermilk chicken.
Unfortunately, they didnt have curly fries at Brioche that night, so instead we opted for cheesy fries. 

Generous pieces of chicken and lamb between two soft brioche buns, the meal was definitely a delicious and decadent one.

I'll definitely be back for those curly fries fo' sure Brioche! 

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