Topshop Personal Shopping Experience

3 Oct 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got myself to the Topshop flagship store on Oxford Street for a Topshop Personal Shopping appointment. One of the personal shoppers, Chloe, is a very good friend of mine and ever since she became a personal shopper, I've seen lots of her styling work on Instagram. (Follow Chloe on Instagram for daily outfit inspirations here!)

I wanted to find new autumn/ winter pieces that I could also wear to work. I was looking for pieces that I can just throw on (Mostly for those mornings where I literally get dressed in the dark, still half asleep!)and be comfortable all day yet still look polished. I gave Chloe my sizes and that was that.


On the day, I went straight to the Topshop Personal Shopping space. The fitting room was an absolute dream, prepped with Lola cupcakes and mini bottles of water, there were huge mirrors and a rail of beautiful Topshop pieces ready and waiting.


Topshop-Personal-Shopping-Experience-006 copy
There was a real mix of tops, skirts, knits and dresses on the rail to try. At a first glance, there were some pieces I already had my eye on and some I would have never have chosen myself. The Personal Shopping appointments are a great way to see pieces you might have missed or try new styles you might have been too afraid to even pick up. Chloe went over the pieces, asked if there was anything else I wanted to add and then off I went. I tried on everything. Literally everything. Even if I was unsure about it on the hanger, it didn't hurt to just try it on! ("Try it on" honestly became the catchphrase of the day!)

Top and skirt - Topshop. (When you don't have someone to take ootds for you, you take close ups instead!)

Dress and necklace - Topshop.

Believe it or not, I spent about 2 and a half hours in the fitting room, trying on the different outfits, asking Chloe for opinions and she had no problem with getting another size or alternatives. I felt so bad but she insisted and was happy to. (This isn't me being - ever so slightly - biased, her customer service is spot on and you can read her
raving review on the Daily Mail!)

Prior to the appointment I set myself a budget (Something I'd highly recommend) but I didn't expect to reach it, let alone go over it - oops! There isn't any pressure to buy, Chloe actually left the room whilst I made my final decisions. I'm really happy with all my purchases, keep an eye out for a few outfit posts coming soon. Thanks Chloe, you're a superstar!

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