New Glasses | Cubitts

24 Jan 2016

Ever since my teenage years, I've had to wear glasses. I haven't been too fussed about what they look like so I stuck to the frames that were available at my opticians, especially when I started wearing contact lenses. I thought, as I wear my contacts pretty much everyday, it doesn't really matter which frames I chose as long as they were comfortable... which they weren't.

But wearing contacts everyday aren't a good idea on my eyes so it was time to get a new pair of glasses. I wanted big frames that were fashionable and most importantly I wanted them to be light and comfortable. So I headed to Cubitts in Soho.

The frames I chose were Seaford in Dark Turtle and asked for thinner lenses as my prescription meant that the lenses would be thick and heavy. I did have a problem with the frames I had chosen as they didn't sit high enough on my nose, but the guys at Cubitts, Soho, were so helpful. I had a bridge fitted in and they were happy for me to come back into the store, over a few days, to have my glasses tweaked and adjusted until I was happy with the way they fit and feel (something I had originally felt bad for!) But the guys were really friendly and were happy to help find solutions until I had a pair of glasses I was really happy with - I can't recommend them enough!

Have you tried Cubitts' spectacles?

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