Things To Do This Summer - Rain or Shine!

26 Jun 2016

I’m probably super late to the party but I recently discovered Hannah’s blog – I love her style of writing – she’s so funny, relatable and so cool! More importantly, she makes you fall back in love with blogging again when you have the dreadful writer’s block, anxious feeling of putting yourself out there or just that feeling of wanting to curl up into a ball and lay there forever.
The post that hooked me in was 12 Things We Should All Do This Summer and they’re all so easy to do. (If you got a crazy excited message from me asking when can we do a picnic in the park, this is why) And when we finally got some summer sunshine here in the UK a few weekends ago, it made me think of everything else I’d love to do over the summer. I know we've had some huge downpours recently but let's keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine ahead! Rain or shine, I thought I'd share some more things we could do this summer. 
1. Visit a Zoo for the child within us. 
2. Head to a food festival and try and tick off as many of the stands you can handle.
4. Have a drink at one of London's rooftop gardens.
5. Watch a film under the stars.
6. Go strawberry picking
7. Ride the Emirates Cable Car - because it's been there for 4 years now and I still haven't been on it!
8. Go to crazy golf in the sunshine or if it's raining, which is more than likely here in the UK, go to Swingers London in Shoreditch. (It's crazygolf indoors I promise!) 
9. Head to a market, whether that be a vintage one, a local weekend one or the flower market on Columbia Road. 
10. Go punting in Cambridge because it looks beautiful in the sunshine and again, something I've been wanting to do but still haven't got round to it. 
Let me know what else would you like to do this Summer!
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