A Little London Letter

10 Jul 2016

Dear Kelsey,

I hear you're coming to London soon! Yay, i'm so excited to finally meet you in person. It's so odd how we've hardly spoken but through your blog and Living Lightly newsletters, I feel like I know you already but at the same time, I hardly know you at all. Let's make sure we grab a coffee when you're in the Big Smoke, I'd love to get to know you (without sounding super creepy)

I'm not sure if you've been to London before but I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite places for food/ tea/ coffee etc if you need any ideas. This blogpost also might be useful to any others visiting London - sharing is caring afterall!

So first thing's first - food.
Whenever someone asks me for a burger recommendation I always always say Honest Burger. But honestly, it's the best burger I've had so far. Patty & Bun is a very close second but nothing seems to beat Honest! The restaurant in Oxford Circus is the perfect shopping pit stop plus it's huge so you're more likely to have less of a wait for a seat.


Franco Manca is perfect for sour dough pizza, Dishoom for a good ole ruby murray, Tonkotsu for ramen, if you fancy brunch then head to The Riding House Café and if you fancy lunch with a view try Duck and Waffle. If you're around at the weekends, any of the Street Feast food festivals are a must - Dinerama, Dalston Yard, Hawker House & Model Market - depending on which one is closest to you. I cannot recommend Smoke Stak enough; the brisket is my favourite! Also, I heard you can get poutine at Dinerama too - just incase you was starting to miss home.

Fancy a tea or coffee? I have a couple favourites for both. Foxcroft and Ginger is a cosy little spot for tea and Sketch for afternoon tea is lovely for a catch up with the girls (though it may be pricey, sipping tea in a beautiful pink room surrounded by David Shrigley's work is an experience I really enjoyed. You can see my post on Sketch here) As for coffee, Holborn Grind, All Press Coffee and Timberyard are my top favourite spots for a good coffee for a quick break or laptop time or even just people watching.


Whilst we don't have Tim Hortons donuts, Crosstown Doughnuts is the place to go if you fancy one! They have a store in Soho or you can find them at markets such as Spitafields Market and Broadway Market- both a real treat if you have time to go. (If you do head to Broadway Market, the soup dumplings at Dumpling Shack are a mustmustmust!)

I hope I don't sound like a "10 things you have to do in London" when I say this, but I just had to mention Columbia Road Flower Market to you. Early Sunday morning, stroll along Columbia Road, and admire/ pick up some fresh blooms. Then definitely head to Lily Vanilli for cake and coffee.


If you're looking for reading material for the flight home, Wardour Street News has the best range of magazines. And if that isnt enough, you can also try Charlotte St News and Magma. (Estée did a beautiful video on them here!)

Depending on how much time you have, other things you could consider include The Orbit Slide, Rooftop Cinemas or an open air cinema or even a theatre show in London's West End!

I'm afraid that's all I have for now - I hope they're okay. Let me know if you need anymore, I'll be happy to help! Hope to see you in August.

Si x

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