ootd: Plant Printed Blouse

17 Jul 2016

Topshop-Plant-Cactus-Blouse-Outfit-003As Pok√©mon Go crashed this weekend, we stopped for a little #ootd in the beautiful sunshine. (Hooray for some summery weather!) I love this plant printed blouse I picked up recently from Topshop. It's quite a quirky addition to my wardrobe but look there's a cactus and aloe vera on it - I couldn't say no. As always, I love teaming a shirt with a button down skirt and I had to pair the plants with this cord number in burnt orange. I can also see this with my cord burgundy dungarees too. 

If this was a couple of years back, I would have never considered a blouse like this. I'd always play it safe and never had the confidence to wear something so bold. (Okay this isn't too crazy but you know what I mean, it's not exactly plain right?) But wearing it made me happy and we should all be wearing whatever we want if it makes us happy. Forget about what other people think (Definitely easier said than done, I know) because if you're comfortable and happy then who cares what others think. Just do you boo. 

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